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Event date and time: 14/09/2020 11:07:35

WEBINAR SERIES: Reimagining TVET: The Implications of Covid-19

The seven-part webinar series, Reimagining TVET: Implications of COVID-19, was initiated and led by the CYUEE and was undertaken in partnership with the Faculty of Education and eight other partner organizations in the country including the DHET, IPSS (from UWC), REAL (from Wits), the HSRC (Education and Economy Division), the Eastern Cape TVET Colleges Research Roundtable and Nottingham University. The series was a response to the silence in the public discourse around Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) during COVID-19 and aimed to open space to discuss and debate the implications and possibilities that COVID-19 has opened for the South African TVET Colleges.

A working group that included a representative from each organization as well as representatives from TVET College students and staff organizations was established to develop the webinar concept and the details of each webinar. The process of designing the webinar through the establishment of the working group, was in itself a valuable output as it established a community of people working together towards the goal of bringing together TVET practitioners, policy makers, funders and scholars. The working group continues and is presently developing the TVET webinar series for 2021.

The webinar series hosted in 2020 aimed to open space for the TVET colleges and the communities that they serve to critically engage policy approaches to COVID-19 whilst grappling with what COVID-19 might mean for changes to work and skills. The series was attended by over 300 people with approximately 80 people being present at each of the webinars. The participants included college students, college lecturing and management staff, SETA representatives and scholars from the global North and South including scholars from South Africa and Africa.